The Kizuna Project

November 14, 2011 in Stories

As weeks and months pass since the terrible earthquake of March 11 2011, the immediacy of the event and its profound consequences for Japanese society start to fade. The world witnessed in awe how Japan faced the aftermath of the disaster with dignity and resolve. For the curious there is an absolute wealth of before-and-after picture montages depicting the near-miraculous pace of cleanup of affected areas only weeks after the tsunami receded.

However, there are still many victims of the disaster that to this day remain displaced and without homes. One of the places where the tsunami struck the hardest was Sendai, pictured below as seen before the March 11 tragedy. It is with these people in mind that the Kizuna project was formed in Stockholm. The project is a charity for the reconstruction of Eastern Japan, and to this end it both partakes in and organizes events with a distinct Japanese cultural flavor. For details, visit their website.