October 2, 2017


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Ever since the start, Fujitsu has gone from one success to the other. Working in the area of technology and communication, their solutions and innovations have created value and continue to do so . Founded in 1935 and starting off as a telecommunication company, Fujitsu has developed important systems and continue to do so today. Today, Fujitsu is the fifth largest IT-supplier in the world, and number one in Japan. They hold 97000 patents, and have offices in 100 countries.


Mitsubishi is one of the worlds’ most well known Japanese corporations. The story of Mitsubishi corporation started in 1870 when Yataro Iwasak founded a company named Tsukumo Shokai. Back then, the main focus was on trading. In their possession? Three steamers. Today, Mitsubishi is one of the front figures when it comes to combining business and sustainability. We are proud and eager to have Mitsubishi as one of our main partners!